Vapor Retarders: The Best Waterproofing Solution for Your House

There are certain situations in life when you need a waterproofing solution which does not allow moisture to pass through. The situations like heavy raining, molds and rots, a damped crawlspace and other menacing situations which can harm the house and can make the building prone to damage need a long lasting solution and ‘Vapor retarders’ are that solution. It ceases moisture and do not permit it to let in and blesses the house with beauty and longevity.

What are Vapor Retarders?

Vapor retarders are the vapor-resistant material with the perm rating of 1 or less. This means the retarders work as moisture wicker and do not allow water or moisture to let in. Do not confuse the Vapor retarder with the Air barriers because they do resist the moisture but let the air pass through and this is a great thing about the Vapor Retarders!


The Vapor Retarders can be of many types dependent on their class and these are categorized in 3 Classes:

Class I: It has the permeance level of 0.1 perm and hence, are considered as Impermeable. Some of the examples of Class I Vapor Retarders are aluminum foils and polyethylene sheets etc.

Class II: Its permeance level falls between 0.1 and 1 perm and the example is extruded polystyrene.

Class III: The materials with the permeance level of more than 1 perm fall under class III Vapor retarders such as latex paints and plywood etc.

The Vapor Retarders are mainly used for following purposes:

  • These are the sheets which are used under concrete slabs to check the flow of moisture vapor into and through the slab.
  • These also are used in the crawlspaces and the basements of the buildings like houses, offices etc. to restrict the vapor which could make its way in and harm the building.
  • It is used for getting rid of the termites, rots, molds and other pests which can cause any sort of damage to any part of the building.
  • Being waterproof in nature it is used for collecting rain water and do not allow the water to get absorbed in the roofs and walls of the building.
  • Aluminum foils are the best means to keep the edibles warm and maintain its taste for long.
  • The Latex paints provide protection to the walls of the house against rots and termites.

Vapor retarders are the best means to keep the moisture away from your house and give your loved ones a healthier life by blessing your house with a damp-free environment.

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