Why Choose ObeX11?

Why Choose ObeX11®

Here is a look at some of the facts about termites which may provide insight on the damage caused by termites and why it needs to be addressed in an effective manner:

- Termites have been around since the Mesozoic era (i.e. since the time of dinosaurs!) which quite literally means they have a strong sense of survival and persistence, which explains why it is so difficult to find ways to successfully control them.

- Termite colonies eat non-stop, 24 hours a day, seven days a week!

- More than 600,000 US homes suffer termite damage totaling over   2 billion annually. That is more damage than is caused by all fires, storms and earthquakes combined. More than 2 million homes require termite treatment each year.

Science Behind the Material

ObeX 11 contains a list of active ingredients that are completely non toxic to the environment and completely safe for humans to handle. This blend of essential oils combined with other environmentally friendly ingredients makes up Termirepel®™. Termirepel®™ is a revolutionary new anti termite additive when blended with polyethylene plastic creates a bond that will not leach out in the environment over time and will repel termites based on 6 unique principles listed below:

1) Aversion: Termirepel®™ acts as an aversive by which the application when treated with the same merely keeps the termites/insects away rather than killing them.
2) Feeding disruption: Termirepel®™ triggers an unpleasant reaction within any termites which might try to feed on the application, ensuring that it is kept away from feeding on the treated area.
3) Oviposition deterrence: It temporarily impairs the ability of insects to reproduce, i.e. the female will not lay eggs. This in turn restricts the growth of the colony thus containing the scope of destruction.
4) Growth inhibition: It temporarily blocks the reproduction system of the insects by hindering the release of the vital hormones for growth. This impairs the growth cycle of the insects thus preventing them from reaching maturity. This is a temporary effect which lasts as long as the insect is in contact with the treated area, and it is lifted once the insects move away from the same.
5) Mating disruption: It temporarily inhibits the mating cycle of the termites.
6) Chemo sterilization: Temporarily hampers the reproduction cycle of insects by sterilization.


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