Crawl Space Encapsulation- To Save Energy and Have Healthier Air in yo

Crawl Space Encapsulation- To Save Energy and Have Healthier Air in your Home


As we all know, the crawl space is an area with small height under the floor of your building to provide you an access to your building’s wiring and plumbing system. But the common problem with a crawlspace is that it easily gets wet and accumulates moisture in the area which is harmful not only for the building but also for the health of people living in the building.

Crawl space encapsulation-

Crawlspace encapsulation has become very popular in the recent few years, more and more people have started to realize the importance of taking care of such spaces for numerous benefits. Let’s discuss some of the main benefits of crawlspace encapsulation-

Helpful to reduce energy consumption- As this encapsulation shields the walls of the crawl space and improves the air under your home, it helps you to save up to 20% savings on your electricity bill annually.

More comfort- when the air under your floors is not chilled in the winters, the atmosphere is very cozy and warm in your home. And when you have hardwood floors and tile in bathrooms, it is even more effective. And in summers, an encapsulated crawlspace is helpful to keep your home humid-free.

No moldy odors- as the crawl space encapsulation removes moisture under your home, you don’t have to bear all that smell of wetness and the musty odors that circulate throughout your home by the air conditioning unit, thereby, the quality of the air in your house improves.

Increase the life of your air conditioner- crawlspace encapsulation increases the life of your air conditioning equipments whether it is heating and cooling equipment by eliminating the humidity which damages your air conditioning equipments by increasing the load on it and causing rust problems in the equipments.

Reduces Repairs: Crawl space encapsulation reduces the moisture under your home, the moisture is the cause of many problems, such as-

  • Insulation damage
  • Equipment damage from corrosion
  • Structural damage
  • Mold and mildew outbreaks


Prevents insect infestations: insects and termites automatically eliminated when the cause of their presence or survival, that is moisture, is eliminated.

Extra storage space: Now, you can use the area of your crawlspace for storage purpose, most of the people could not use the crawl space area due to problems like wetness, humidity, rusts and damages as the area is not encapsulated.

When a crawlspace area is encapsulated, it makes the environment moisture free making it useful to store anything and everything. However,s it is important that the encapsulation service is taken by only a professional and experienced company.

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