New Revolution in Termite Control

I have been in construction for over 15 years and have helped many first, second, and third time homebuyer’s build their dream homes.  One thing I have noticed over the last several years is homebuyer’s knowledge of building materials has grown significantly.  From the roofing material all the way down to the flooring has peaked consumer interest. Probably the biggest question I get, is how much money can I save on my utility bill if I upgrade my HVAC or Insulation?  Very common concerns are due to the direct cost you endure every month after you move in.  

One question I am never asked, is what steps do I take to prevent termites from damaging my home?  I often wonder why this question never comes to homebuyer’s minds because of the extensive damage termites do annually in this country.  You can spend a few minutes searching the net and see figures that range from 3 to 5 billion dollars annually with average repairs ranging from $30,000 to $50,000 dollars.  The worst part about this growing problem is there are very few termite control options on the market other then the wide varieties of chemicals that are often used. These are more then likely the treatment methods that were used under your home right now.  

Think about this for a moment, what if during the construction process your contractor told you that he was only using the cheapest possible termite treatment method that he was required to use for your home.  This is more then likely the consideration that was taken on the house you are sitting in right now.  

Now stop and think for a moment what additional methods could he have done to potentially prevent these insects from causing over $50,000 dollars in damage to your home? 

Which brings me to the creation of ObeX11.  ObeX11 is a unique material because it serves two different purposes. The first function is a plastic vapor barrier, which I am sure most of you noticed was this plastic being installed before the slab was poured. The second function is a termite prevention method. Yes, I said termite prevention. The material contains a unique blend of essential oils that bonds with the plastic that will not leak out or rub off on your hands. These essential oils bond with the plastic and are completely safe for anyone to handle. The material has been tested by industry experts against the most aggressive termites in the United States. Stop relying strictly on chemicals as your only means of defense against these destructive insects and start using a material that has been designed to protect your dream home. So go check out and see how this revolutionary material will change the way you look at plastic sheeting forever.

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