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$ 59.99
ObeX11 Brick Ledge is a 6 mil roll specifically designed for newly constructed brick ledges. Industry standard traditionally uses a 6 mil polyethylene roll with no termite protection. Obex11 takes that same 6 mil thickness, but gives an additional layer of termite protection. The roll is 12 inches wide, which...
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Ordinary 6 Mil plastic sheeting is commonly used as a vapor, moisture barrier or crawl space liner everyday.  The nature of these areas promotes excessive moisture that allows termites to thrive in an environment that is favorable.   What if you could expand the use of the traditional commonly used...
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ObeX11 is the only 6 mil roll in America that contains a revolutionary termite protection system. It is also the only product in its class that has two scientifically engineered layers bonded together to give maximum termite protection.  This 800 square foot roll can be used for any project that requires...
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ObeX11 Pipe Boots are designed to give  a complete coverage system. Often times when installing moisture barriers, slab penetrations are commonly overlooked. This product provides the ability to completely seal any potential area that might give termites an entry route through the slab. These boots are constructed out of the...
$ 15.00
ObeX11 fence post boots are designed to protect fence post ground contact from termite invasion. These boots are constructed out of 12 mil material and infused with the ObeX11 revolutionary termite system. The common misconception that termites will not attack treated wood has been proven to be wrong time and...
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$ 519.00
ObeX11 Premium is the highest quality product offered with termite protection.  This roll is manufactured of the highest quality virgin polyethylene pellets.  This Premium roll is the only product in its class that has two scientifically engineered layers bonded together to give maximum protection from vapor, moisture, radon and termites.  Why consider buying...
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$ 59.99
ObeX11 All-Purpose Roll is a 6 mil roll designed specifically for smaller home projects.  This material can be used in flower beds to prevent weeds.  It can also be placed between the slab and the flower beds to prevent termite intrusion. In addition, it can  be used to protect outside...


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